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Sweet 17 Places to Escape!

Looking for the best places to escape from your routinity?… These sweet 17 Aman resorts in Asia could be your best choice.. Featuring 5 resorts in Indonesia, India (3), China (2), Sri Lanka (2), and 1 each in Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, The Philippines and Thailand,, Aman resorts offers a guest experience that is intimate and discreet while providing the highest level of service. Each resort and setting is unique, but certain elements characterize all of them — a beautiful natural location, outstanding facilities, exceptional service and a small number of rooms to ensure exclusivity and privacy.

1. Aman at Summer Palace (China)

Inhabiting a series of historic dwellings just steps from one of China’s most iconic sites is Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing. A sanctuary of peace where a sense of balance and tranquility pervades throughout, Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing opens its doors to China’s regal past and captures the essence of the Ming Dynasty’s elegant aesthetic.

2. Aman New Delhi (India)

Long a gateway to the Indian subcontinent, Delhi is a destination rich with modern and historic attractions. Just within reach of Delhi’s bustling city centre, Aman New Delhi – Amanresorts’ newest city-based resort – is a luxurious retreat in spacious surroundings, offering guests an ideal base from which to explore the city’s many diverse charms.

3. Amanbagh (India)

Situated in the foothills of the Aravalli Hills and built, haveli -style, using soft sandstone and pale pink marble, Amanbagh is a regal garden estate in the starkly beautiful wilds of Rajasthan. Circled by walls which enclose a verdant oasis watered by a nearby lake and tributaries of the Chambal River, Amanbagh was once the site of the Maharajah of Alwar’s hunting lodge, and his favoured garden retreat.

4. Amandari (Indonesia)

here is an island which has drawn travellers ever since word of its legendary beauty began to spread in the early 1900s. That island is Bali, a fertile land of rice paddies and holy mountains also known, appropriately enough, as the Island of the Gods. While the passage of time has wrought certain changes, the essence of Bali, the very soul of this heavenly place is unchanged, and can be found on sacred land in the very heart of the island. Amandari is this place.

5. Amanfayun (China)

Hidden in a picturesque valley, Amanfayun enjoys a serene setting surrounded by tea fields, natural forest, quaint villages and a pilgrimage circuit of five significant Buddhist temples. Designed in the spirit of a traditional Chinese village, the property comprises 47 dwellings, a number of which date back over 100 years. This secluded retreat is only a 20-minute drive along bamboo and tree-lined avenues from the centre of the bustling city of Hangzhou.

6. Amangalla (Sri Lanka)

Overflowing with colonial landmarks, in the heart of a 17th century Dutch fort, rests a peaceful, and immaculately restored historic hotel , Amangalla. Galle Fort , recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, houses the most charming and characteristic buildings in the ancient trading port of Galle. Today, the hotel portrays the complex patina of its past in an exemplary setting, surrounded by the rich colonial tapestry of Sri Lanka’s exceptional Dutch fortress.

7. Aman-I-Khas (India)

Aman-i-Khás is a wilderness camp for travellers wishing to experience the stark natural beauty and rural life of Rajasthan. The property sits on a gentle slope on the fringes of Ranthambore National Park against a backdrop of hills.  The entrance to the camp is via a pathway that leads through high walls, opening onto breathtaking views of the rocky Aravalli hills that undulate through Ranthambore National Park.

8. Amanjiwo (Indonesia)

An ancient soul resides deep in the earth of Central Java, a peaceful spirit which rises up through the misty volcanic terrain to touch the elements of centuries past and present, leaving a tangible sense of timelessness in its wake. It is here amongst verdant rice terraces and gentle palm trees that Amanjiwo resides. Situated in a natural amphitheatre, Amanjiwo faces the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary, the 9th century Borobudur, as well as the mystical Tidar Hill, believed to house the spiritual and geographical centre of Java.

9. Amankila (Indonesia)

From spectacular views and seaside seclusion, to mountains and valleys rich with Bali’s diverse culture, Amankila offers travellers a sanctuary for romantic, spiritual, cultural and active pursuits. The fabled Mount Agung, a volcano revered as a home of the gods by the Balinese, providing a dramatic backdrop to the resort. Amankila is blessed with a white crescent of private beach, incredible views of the Lombok Strait. Amankila is the ideal base from which to explore the cultural diversity and rich history of East Bali.

10. Amankora (Bhutan)

Imagine a kingdom where happiness is paramount, where culture and tradition remain intact, forging an harmonious union with the natural environment. This kingdom is Bhutan, the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, landlocked in the mystical and medicinal Himalayas, inspiritingly unscathed by globalisation. The ‘peaceful pilgrimage‘ of Amankora offers stays at five lodges, nestled strategically through the pristine landscape, delivering a path of enlightenment to penetrate a lifetime.

11. Amanpulo (The Philippines)

A private island, where sea and sky meet as one, where velvet white sand is caressed by the lap of crystal water, where palms bow to vermilion bougainvillea in tropically kissed vegetation, where nature’s hand streaks the sun’s iridescence on its unbridled canvas, where night skies are admired beside the crackle of a ‘tepee’ beach fire, where luxury is defined by its earth-given beauty, where peace embraces its island host. This place is Amanpulo, in the Philippines, a realisation of a dream.

12. Amanpuri (Thailand)

There is a ‘place of peace’, situated in a coconut grove between sea and sky on the jade green island of Phuket. Overlooking the turquoise waters of the Andaman and fringed by a white smile of private beach, this place is Amanpuri. Designed to reflect Thailand’s graceful architectural style in harmony with the idyllic natural setting, the resort is imbued with a sense of timeless elegance – a gracious retreat set apart from the outside world.

13. Amansara (Cambodia)

Set in a lush garden enclosure, Amansara glows with the nuances of its sixties conception; it is, today, a peaceful contemporary and warm sanctuary, a mere remork and driver ride from an ancient civilisation gripped in the roots of the jungle and in the minds of those it touches, Angkor. The culmination of five centuries of Khmer civilisation, is living testimony to Cambodia’s ancestry, it reveals a religious kingdom of the most significant remaining Khmer architecture in the world. Amansara, provides a gracious contemporary gateway to this truly remarkable ancient epoch.

14. Amantaka (Laos)

Set on a large garden estate, Amantaka is housed in graceful French colonial buildings in the UNESCO protected town of Luang Prabang. Airy and elegant throughout, the décor and furnishings reflect the town’s French colonial history. Situated just south of Phousi Hill, the resort is within strolling distance of the boutiques, bakeries and restaurants lining the town’s main street.

15. Amanusa (Indonesia)

Near to a soft white beach and secluded in fragrant foliage, nestles one of Bali’s most intimate and exclusive resorts, Amanusa. Offering panoramic views of the indigo-hued Indian Ocean and unparalleled access to one of the region’s finest golf courses, Amanusa is also within easy reach of Sanur, Legian and Seminyak, Bali’s premier shopping and nightlife areas. Serene and breezy, Amanusa provides a plethora of tranquil spots for relaxation.

16. Amanwana (Indonesia)

Under parasols of tropical canopy, beside a luminous sapphire and turquoise sea, rests Moyo’s peaceful tented haven, Amanwana. Primal desires are fulfilled in comfort, leaving nature’s complexion to frame its privileged setting. Milky, pastel hued dawns give rise to azure, cirrus-streaked skies, dipping into blazonry sunsets towards Crocodile Head, all crowned at night by a brilliantly clear constellation. Home to many wild species, both aquatic and land, ensures that Amanwana is a slice of Indonesian island paradise.

17. Amanwella (Sri Lanka)

Sunsets streak the evening sky with an orchestra of fuchsias and gold, a spectacular performance witnessed through a display of gently fluttering palms on a platform of long white beach. Amanwella has an extremely privileged topography; raised above the beach between two rocky headlands it hugs the beguiling Indian Ocean in resplendent seclusion and beach side tranquility.

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