Posted by: syadera | November 25, 2008

Visit Indonesia Year 2009 MICE and Marine Tourism

Indonesian Ministry for Culture and Tourism will continue Visit Indonesia Year program in 2009, however focus of the program will be narrowed down to specific market of MICE (meetings, incentives, convention and exhibition) and marine tourism. Marine tourism is a specific interest exposing remote locations which are far away from crowd. In 2009 Indonesia is going to have the general election and to host the World Ocean Conference (WOC). The two products – marine and convention tourism – are expected to become the main attractions to bring 8 million visiting tourists in 2009. Indonesia has lots of beautiful tourism attraction place, and in the 2009, the more emphasis on marine tourism and MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, Exhibition).

To support this program, i will publish an articles that explore Indonesia beautiful of marine life (beach, diving, snorkeling, surfing etc.) and also Indonesia best place to develop your business with MICE.

Wanna know?… Just wait..



  1. tau ngga kenapa [hampir] selalu bali yang menjadi tempat2 acara internasional? Padahal Bali ngga spesial2 amat, masih banyak tempat di 1ndONEsia yang harusnya jadi tempat tujuan wisdom dan wisman…… Tapi ngga apa-apa, In My Heart : Jawa Barat still the BEST….. HIDUP 1ndONEsia…..

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