Posted by: syadera | November 16, 2008


Hi all,, my name is Syahid Deradjat,, my friends call me Syahid..


I was born in Bandung “The City of Flower”,, Capital of West Java, In the beautiful Indonesia Archipelago.. At July 11, 1987.. So I’m 21 when I introduce this blog for the very first time..

I study Environmental Engineering in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB),, which is the most prestigious university in my lovely country.. haha.. Sorry if it sounds lil bit cocky..

I’m growing up in the happy family,, I live in the small house,, with my great mom and dad,, and also with my lovely sister and brother (Icha and Adi).. I’m a Sundanese,, it’s one of the major ethnic in Indonesia.. and I born as a Muslim..

I love listen to music,, especially pop and acid jazz.. I really like to eat and also cooking,, I love spicy and sour dish.. and sometimes I’m swimming and walking to try out my body..

Oow,, my time is running out.. I will continue this post next time.. bye all..



  1. haiyaahhh syasya… narsisnyaaa..
    nunjukin blog ternyata buat nunjukin foto segede gini ya..?
    hahaha…tapi keren lohh pake bahasa inggris…

    versi prancisnya juga dong.. =P

  2. ciii mana katanya ada yang baruuu..
    bikin penasaran ajeee

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